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Homeschool Curricula devised by an Educator (for 32 years) and Homeschool mom of four (for 22 years) - Written especially for homeschoolers, but also used by public and private schools around the country.

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Read with the Best American Literature Volume 2 is here!


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Writing Curriculum

Literature Curriculum - Among the best in its field!

Vocabulary Curriculum
- UPGRADED with more roots, words, games/activities and workbook exercises

Write Your Own Autobiography - Recently Added 

Pinpointed guidance for college and beyond

Helps for Learning Problems and ADHD (Mrs. Dixon holds her special degree in this field.)

Discover real success through Learning Styles
Specialized testing that verifies mastery of subjects - and more -

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Read with the Best Literature Curriculum -

Revised - Roots and Fruits is bigger and better with more features!
See the improvements!

Write Your Own Autobiography

You Can Cultivate Complete Literacy!
We turn reluctant writers into eager, proficient ones!
How? Through our streamlined, student-oriented, non-burdensome curricula.

As you explore our website, you will find distinct solutions for learning. We begin with writing because, without a doubt, the 3 R’s are still the foundation of learning.

  • Homeschool Writing Curriculum (and not just for homeschoolers) covering Creative Writing – Descriptive Writing – Informative and Expository Writing

8 Things Every Home School Mom and/or Writing Teacher is looking for in a Writing Curriculum:

1) Ease of Use - (Minimal teacher preparation and easy, step-by-step directions for the teacher and student.)

2) Activities that spark interest in reluctant and inexperienced writers.

3) Thoroughness in teaching how to write every genre and not just one such as only descriptive paragraphs or essays.

4) Specific grading criteria or checklists for grading each piece of writing.

5) Assignments that don't take hours each day or week to complete.

6) Testimonials from parents and students that the curriculum really does work.

7) Affordability

8) Use for all grade levels in a household.

These 8 characteristic are all found in Write with the Best, our inexpensive two volume program that can be used by all of the members of your family. Each volume can actually be used as a stand-alone volume, although we generally suggest that you use Volume 1 first. The exception to this method would be that you have an older, gifted writer who is skilled in all the ways of descriptive writing in many genres. Volume 1 will teach your children how to beautifully master descriptive writing skills in nine genres and is for students from third to twelfth grades. It sells for $24.95. Read more about or order Write with the BestVolume 1. Volume 2 builds on the descriptive writing learned and developed through Volume 1 and will create in your children the skills necessary for wonderful creative writing and superb expository writing in eight separate fields. It is for students from sixth to twelfth grades. The effectiveness of this program is demonstrated in the fact that it is also used by various private and public schools around the country. Volume 2 sells for $29.95. Order or read more about the features of Write with the BestVolume 2.

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Roots and Fruits Vocabulary made easy! Greek and Latin based vocabulary curriculum with a unique and effective approach. Pay a penny per word for all the roots and words covered.

If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow. - Sir John Lubbock Click here to read how the love of learning occurs.

What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child. - G. B. Shaw
Get Total Learning Victory with POC4U.

Do you have a special needs student? Do the learning disabilities ADHD, ADD, dyslexia or other learning processing problems apply to your household? Are you having special needs learning problems with schooling or would you like better results? Our special needs guides will come to your rescue!

Diagnostic Tests - Academic Tests - Achievement Tests Discover the difference! Cathy Duffy: "...a more challenging assessment for homeschoolers seems very appropriate...Homeschooling parents who really want to know how well their children are doing would do well to use The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment rather than the usual standardized test." Read Cathy's complete review at

Focus only on Language achievement from kindergarten through fifth grades with The Total Language Diagnostic Assessment with Remedial Strategies and Answer Key.

The Diagnostic Grade Placement Screening Fast verification in three main subject areas for accurate curriculum placement.

Reviews by Homeschool Bloggers

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Cathy Duffy: "Homeschooling parents who really want to know how well their children are doing would do well to use The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment rather than the usual standardized test." Read more from Cathy - below center.

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