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Now that your children have gotten their yearly subject objectives behind them, how have they really performed?  We are not about to argue with the position that it is the parents who are in the best position to know what their children have achieved. Indeed, we are totally committed homeschoolers ourselves. We parents are the ones who are completely involved in our children’s education and observe them on a daily basis. Be that as it may, some of you may still desire the very strong benefits that come through using an outside testing instrument in order to ascertain mastery of all subjects according to proper grade level requirements. We offer The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment for such a careful decision. We have much to say about the merits of testing or not testing as well as defining and comparing the different kinds of academic tests. In fact, our web logs reveal that our web site continues to be tapped for testing information by various interested parties. Read what we say at Understanding Testing and Tests. Our diagnostic tests sell for $15.98 per grade level. They come in six separate grades – Kindergarten through 5th. Each test is complete with its own answer key and remedial strategies section with remedies for weaknesses that are discovered through testing. They are complete in-house tests, meaning that you administer and score them yourselves. You don’t send them back to us for scoring or interpretation. They are very simple to give. Everything that you need is provided. Some parents use our tests as yearly pre-assessments to see what subjects need attention for the upcoming school year. Click here to learn more or to purchase The Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment.

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