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    American Literature
    Volume 2 - 1860-1950
    Student Workbook and Teacher's Edition

    Mastering Great Works of American Literature through Critical Thinking, Reading, Analysis, Writing, and Hands-on Activities

for grades 8-12 - Student Workbook and Teacher's Edition (2 separate volumes with over 250 pages each)

The Teacher's Edition contains everything in the Student Workbook including answers to all workbook questions and seven Vocabulary Tests with Answer Keys and five Literary Terms Tests with Answer Keys.

Read with the Best American Literature Vol. 2 is a 34 week curriculum that includes literature, extensive vocabulary, critical reading, critical analysis, critical thinking, writing (including an MLA style research paper), and SAT, ACT, CLEP, and AP preparation (see more about this below). Students who complete the curriculum can receive 2 1/4 high school credits or more in literature, composition/writing, and American history. The literature in this course was chosen not only for its literary and analytical quality, but for its moral and inspirational quality as well.

What else is unique about our program?

1) Volume 2 starts with Civil War authors and ends in the late 1930's-1950's with writers of The Great Depression, World War II, and The Communist Red Scare.

2) We use The Norton Anthology of American Literature, a book used in many freshman college classes.

3) Students learn interesting facts about the lives of the authors before they read the material that they wrote. This helps them appreciate and understand their writing so much more.

4) This course is also the equivalent of an SAT/ACT Verbal Preparation Course. SAT/ACT Guides and AP and CLEP Guides were used to write this curriculum.

5) Hands-on activities are included in each lesson to ensure mastery and understanding of the content.

6) Accommodations are made for students with special learning needs, so that students of all levels can complete this curriculum.

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